What is THC-V?

THC-V is called the sports car of cannabinoids for a reason, it takes you where you need to go at the speed of light, revving its engine even after you’ve arrived at your destination; a productive city. THC-V is a structural analog of THC and is considered to be the “caffeine of cannabinoids”. Sure, it is energetic and cerebral—but it’s a cannabinoid without a crash. Of the many sought-after characteristics that THC-v keys in on are appetite suppression, as well blood and sugar regulation.

Benefits of THC-V:

THC-V came to be wildly popular due to its benefits being the polar opposite of THC. The cannabinoid’s effects of stress relief mitigate the risk of a panic attack. It’s non-intoxicating in smaller doses, but you will still get the health benefits. THC-V highlights the energetic head euphoria, maintaining focus and motivation. So, get ready to be productive in some shape or form. But if you’re mixing a more intoxicating.

Effects of THC-V:

THC-V is psychoactive—it’s super-Sativa, after all; however, it requires a higher concentration of THC-V to become fully involved during the psychoactive stages. Overall, it feels like a tunnel vision euphoria that keys in on your task, lightly grazing the rest of your body. Similar to a sports car, THC-V brings a top-of-the-line, clear-headed euphoria that allows you to float along without missing a beat. It’s as if you’ve consolidated all of your thoughts into one folder with subfolders, knowing where everything is and when it is needed. With a clear headspace, it allows you to push through the waning hours of the day. It'll put some pep in your step.

THC-V is ideal for those who want an extra boost, pushing more on the cerebral buttons without causing anxiety. The cannabinoid hits the ECS at light speed, taking effect quickly. The euphoria isn’t as long nor as intense as Delta 8, Delta 9, or Delta 10, but this is more of a daytime cannabinoid—so don’t’ worry about not being able to sleep because THC-V lasts for a shorter amount of time than the others, but it kicks in quickly.

THC-V is found in cannabis and hemp plants—occurring only in traces until recently. The cannabinoid is found in African strains such as Durban Poison, one of the more stimulating Sativa's. THC-V is now more readily available in strains that hail from the other side of the globe, such as China, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Thailand, and Afghanistan. These strains are predominantly “landrace” strains—meaning they are naturally grown without any interaction or modification from a human. These countries have used THC-V heavy strains medicinally, mainly for the stimulating effects. 
All information courtesy of ATLRx, Inc.